Chicago Cubs: Top five reasons to still watch this weekend’s series

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Chicago Cubs: Maddon’s manners are worth watching

4.    Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon has been all over sports news from wit and witticisms to the five levels of being a professional. Maddon deserves the spotlight as the one manager in a line of I’ll give you, pretty darn good managers to watch over the Cubs, that brought the prize home to the North Side.

Maddon’s new theme song is, “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” as management has not told him if he’s out or in and if they did tell him something, I’m sure it’d be clear in Maddon’s body language against the Cardinals.

If the skipper starts hosting press conferences during the game with the broadcast hosts, that might also be very telling that he thinks his time is up. If he’s going to get the boot why not hit the media and gin up some hype? Maddon does it all the time but this time might be self-serving.

Will Maddon start yelling at players now that the lifeless bunch has all but given up? Will he ignore them and just do business as usual? Now is an interesting time to watch the Cubs manager and see how he handles the adversity, especially not knowing if his contract will be picked up for next season.