Chicago Cubs: Top five reasons to still watch this weekend’s series

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs are no longer in contention but could make the St. Louis Cardinals pay. Is this Joe Maddon’s final series managing the team?

It’s sad but true that the Chicago Cubs will not be in the playoffs for the first time since 2014. Without a doubt, everything happens for a reason. Even as fans are coming to grip with the finality of this season, there is still a lot of baseball drama happening behind the scenes right now.

Think that the upcoming series against the St. Louis Cardinals means nothing, then think again, This upcoming series will reveal a great deal about the future of the Cubs and not to mention the sheer joy of getting some payback against the Cardinals. That’s must-see TV, for sure.  Let me spell it out for you in the top reasons to still watch this Cubs/Cards series.

5.    Will the Chicago Cubs show up as a team against the Cardinals? Let’s be honest, the Cubs have not shown up with heart and energy the way they did earlier in the season. Somewhere, something went south fast with the Cubs who lost nine games in a row after the series-ending loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Sure, Cubs players have been hurt all season but the Milwaukee Brewers will tell you to go cry to your mother after they lost outfielder and the 2018 NL MVP Christian Yelich and still went on to run off yet another impressive streak here in September.

The point is, are the Cubs embarrassed enough with their final performances to come out and show us who we thought they were? Will they finish the season?