Chicago Cubs: Looking at past decisions that impacted this year’s team

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs haven’t turned into the dynasty many expected after 2016. Although blame can go any number of ways, the front office deserves some of it.

Expectations around the Chicago Cubs have changed under Theo Epstein and Co.

When Epstein took over as team president in Oct. 2011, the No. 1 goal was to snap the Cubs’ infamous championship drought. Not only did that happen just five year later, but the Cubs have become a perennial championship contender along the way.

Although they’ve made it into four-straight postseasons, the Cubs are fighting for their October lives in 2019. Fans are quick to blame manager Joe Maddon, who entered the season as a lame duck manager in the final year of his contract.

This is foolish, of course; although the 65-year-old doesn’t get every move right — no manager does — he had his team in position to make the postseason once again. Instead of blaming just Maddon for the team’s current state, his players and the Cubs front office also deserve some blame, too.

Discussing Maddon’s in-game moves and the development of those on his roster are conversations for another day, however. Today, the conversation centers on the last three offseasons and how they’ve affected the 2019 Cubs.