Chicago Cubs: RIP 2019 Cubs – final thoughts on a forgettable team

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: What else can we say about this team?

Even though the Cubs were in the playoff hunt for most of the season, it was frustrating that they could not sustain any long-term success after a 23-7 run that followed a 2-7 start. They basically played like a .500 team after that, as there were so many times that they would win a few games only to take a step backward and follow that up by losing a few. And it was a different culprit each time: The offense, the starting pitching, the bullpen and the defense all had their rough stretches.

Though I never like to see the Cubs lose, perhaps the disastrous four-game series against the Cardinals at Wrigley Field was a blessing in disguise. Even if this team did manage to sneak into the playoffs, they likely weren’t going to go far, as they would likely be no match for the superior Dodgers or Braves.

That Cardinals series was a good microcosm of the season, as Chicago lost all four games by one run. Some teams just simply don’t have the ability to make the one big play they need to win a game. The 2019 Cubs were one of those teams.

By and large, this is a season that I would like to forget. Even though this team has been above .500 for most of the year, I just never could get excited about the 2019 Cubs. In 2015 and 2016, and even for much of 2017, while watching a game, I had this gut feeling that the team was going to pull out a win.