Chicago Cubs: Ranking the top five managers in team history

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Chicago Cubs
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When a professional baseball franchise has been around for over 100 years, you are bound to see a slew of faces in charge of navigating the waters. For the Chicago Cubs, that number is 54, with some strong leadership along the way.

Of all the top professional sports in the world, Major League Baseball ranks among the top. Breaking it down even further, the position of ‘manager’ is considered one of, if not the toughest job in professional sports. Just ask the guy currently at the helm of the Chicago Cubs. 

While every sport has their respective moving parts, there is seemingly no more significant challenge for a guy in charge of a Major League Baseball team. Not only does the responsibility of setting a lineup every single day take precedent, but also managing a starting pitching rotation as well as a bullpen and substitutes can challenge the best of them.

Over the past decade, the Cubs have seen several faces doing their best to harness success in bringing the ultimate honor to the team: a world championship. The Cubs have no doubt seen great success over the past four seasons thanks in large part to the management. Before the addition of current manager Joe Maddon, however, it was not always smooth sailing in the Windy City. With that being said, here are the club’s top five managers in history.