Chicago Cubs: So, about those David Ross as manager rumors

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Is Ross the man for this particular job?

Would the same thing happen to Ross? It’s not as likely, given that the Cubs have more talent than the Tigers under Trammell or the Cubs pre-Theo Epstein did. But the expectations would be enormous, and if the Cubs were to fail to win a championship under Ross, it would complicate his legendary status. Imagine Ross receiving some of the criticism that Maddon has.

In thinking about Ross managing this particular team, it’s also important to remember his relationship with some of the players, many of whom are still around from his playing days. How would both sides handle the transition from Ross being a peer (though he was also a mentor) to the boss?

It would be a learning curve for both sides. It could potentially be done, but it’s hard to imagine there not, at the very least, being some awkwardness.

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So, while I do believe that David Ross has what it takes to be a big-league manager, I’m concerned about how well it would go with the Cubs. Maybe things would go well, but there’s the potential for a lot of things to go wrong. Still, if Ross wants to manage someday, I hope he gets that chance somewhere.