Chicago Cubs: Top five clutch hitters in their history

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Chicago Cubs: Derrek Lee, 2004-2010

Finding himself also as part of a lopsided trade, Derrek Lee came to Chicago following the 2003 season. Most Cubs fans can’t talk about the club without discussing the man Dusty Baker once gave the nickname ‘Rodan’ due to his large wingspan.

Lee was a monster with the Cubs. From 2004 to 2010, Lee slashed a ridiculous .298/.378/.524 with a .386 wOBA and 131 wRC+. Most notably, when we think about Lee, we think about his 2005 season.

Always a successful player to be counted on, Lee took things to another level that year. He closed it out by slashing .335/.418/.662 with 46 home runs, 107 RBI and posted a 7.0 WAR. He earned a well-deserved All-Star nod and finished third in the National League MVP voting.

One of his most significant moments unbeknownst to many as it happened in the regular season, was his inaugural home run as a member of the Cubs. Facing Ryan Wagner and the Cincinnati Reds at home, Lee launched a pitch over the right-field seats sending Wrigley into a frenzy.

Lee finished as one of the greatest clutch hitters in Cubs history, slashing .297/.401/.482 with a 118 wRC+ in 386 ‘high-leverage’ plate appearances, according to Fangraphs. He won’t soon be forgotten for everything he did in his time in Chicago.