Chicago Cubs: Top five clutch hitters in their history

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Chicago Cubs
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Many different players have walked through the hallowed walls of Wrigley Field throughout their careers. There is a select group of players, however, who carry that individual ‘clutch’ gene who, when it comes to the most significant moments, deliver when it most counts.

Baseball is a spiritual game. A game full of mysticism and majesty. A game not decided by a clock or a whistle. A game compared by Leo Durocher as one that many attend but few understand. In that, baseball is a game that lives on clutch moments.

In the past few years, there may be no better team to understand the term clutch than the Chicago Cubs. We are in an extraordinary age of Cubs baseball. An era filled with excitement and passion. A time with a group of guys who understand that ‘clutch’ is the new normal.

Chicago is a long and storied franchise filled with many beautiful moments and much heart-wrenching gut punishing moments. However, we have had the privilege of watching some extraordinary talent over the years, and currently. With that, all said, here are the clubs’ top five clutch hitters in history.