Chicago Cubs: Cubs TV Network Marquee still silent on details

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Subscriptions for the new channel out of state?

We know that nationally, MLB controls the streaming of games through its MLB site and its streaming operation. Unless the Cubs were abandoning MLB as well WGN and ABC-7, the chances of not seeing Cubs games via those MLB streaming options is almost zero. Of course, depending on where you live, you’re games will still be subject to blackout but at least there’s an archive. So fans outside of Illinois, as far as Hawaii, can still see Cubs games with Len and Jim on Marquee every day but through, which is also good to know.

Right now, is offering an unbelievable (gotta see the fine print) deal to see out-of-market games. Actually, it’s:

"Watch EVERY 2019 out-of-market regular season game LIVE or on demand Watch on your favorite supported devices (includes MLB At Bat Premium app) Choose home or away feeds in HD Follow Your Team now available by signing up for all teams, all games ..this product will not allow you to view live games of any in-market team."

Right now that will set you back $26.99  for 2019 (yes I know the season is almost over), but then you are locked in yearly to that price for eternity. The regular full-year price is a well-known $118.99!

For a single-team subscription – you used to pay $91.99 but right now it’s just $15.99 and then $15.99 yearly and to eternity as well. Same rules and benefits. This has got be for signing up at the end of the season but well worth it if you are out of market.

Additionally, subscribers to T-Mobile were entitled to another year of free subscription to in 2019 through their T-Mobile Tuesdays program. The company has not yet announced its 2020 plans. On either platform, the subscription is for games only and does not include all the fresh 24/7 content being promised by Marquee. So how can out of state Cubs fan get the 24/7 experience?

Marquee has not alluded to any streaming content that fans can pay and watch online, but of course, they are shopping the program among satellite carriers around the nation for a carriage fee. The question is; how many satellite providers are willing to pay for the content? In markets like Indiana, Ohio and Iowa. The Cubs believe they can do very well because of the minor league following, but nothing is guaranteed.

Although Cubs fans are nationwide, there may not be ‘enough’ fans to justify the carriage fee that the Satellite provider will have to pay Marquee to carry the network. For instance, how interested do you think the State of Texas will be in a Cubs channel?

Obviously, not very interested in considering all the Texas teams. So this can be tricky for Marquee and the possibility of losing revenue if no one’s buying their channel. We know for sure that Chicago is buying the channel and even White Sox fans will have to pay for it!