Chicago Cubs: Cubs TV Network Marquee still silent on details

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Chicago Cubs
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Amidst all of the success and turmoil of this Chicago Cubs season, Cubs TV Network, ‘Marquee’ has been relatively silent on important details for fans.

Chicago Cubs fans have been so captivated by outfielder Nicholas Castellanos and this wild Cubs season, that they haven’t noticed how silent ‘Marquee,’ the Chicago Cubs new Sports Network has been about essential details for fans.

For instance, how much is it going to cost to watch the 150 regular and about 30 spring training games on Marquee? Will there be any streaming subscription service online for viewers so they can see all of the Cubs programming 24/7, year-round? Will out of state fans be able to subscribe? What other programming will be showcased beside Cubs games? What channel is Marquee?

Can you believe we’re five months out from the supposed startup in February 2020 and there are still so many questions out there? I know the race to the postseason is keeping everyone’s attention, but the minute it’s over, you know the number one question all Cubs fans will have: How do I watch the Chicago Cubs next season and how much will it cost? Well, Marquee has already done a few things to get the Marquee Sports Network off the ground in February.