Chicago Cubs: Will Joe Maddon be able to keep it together?

(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs are ‘fully stocked’ with Willson Contreras coming back soon. The team has a lot of options at second base and in the bullpen. But will Joe Maddon be able to keep them focused?

It may be Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon‘s last hurrah. Either keep them together for the final month, win at least the Wild Card or possibly the Central–or be on the lookout for another job. This is the hard truth facing the Cubs front office and Maddon. And to be honest? I don’t think the second Wild Card will be good enough.

With roster expansions on September 1, Maddon has Ben Zobrist, Robel Garcia and Daniel Descalso added to his options at second base, and a plethora of bullpen arms to keep from using the same tired arms. And Maddon’s a fan of matchups, which is very easily done when rosters expand. But in the end, can he make better moves than his opposing managers to get the job done?

Look, he’s got a 460-324 record as the Cubs skipper. He’s won two division crowns, three-straight NLCS appearances with a World Series in the middle of it. His reputation proceeds him. And he can get a job anywhere. But if it doesn’t end well for us, he won’t be back in Chicago.

I get it. He’s quirky. He can change the leadoff man and the lineup seven times in a week. He frequently uses a pitcher too often (what manager doesn’t), leading to ‘overuse’ and a trip to the IL. And he’s doesn’t play the ‘hot hand,’ which I don’t believe in. He gives his players rest, which can go a long way in a 162 game season.

But here we are, Maddon’s fighting for his job. He’s been the most successful Chicago Cubs manager in my time on earth, and I’d like to know who you think would do better. His mantras and sayings were fun at the start, but now they’re tired and old? Please.

I, for one, will miss Maddon when he’s gone–whenever it may be. He’s unorthodox, but he fits the ‘Cubs culture.’ And I think that culture could be around a few more years. So why not keep Maddon here? Ryne Sandberg was fired. Joe Girardi, too in case you were interested in those names.

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The players will speak their minds during exit interviews, and Maddon will be a hot topic. But if the players as a whole think he should be back? He should be back. Period. And if there’s any question if they want him back? Well, think of Chili Davis. Just saying.