Chicago Cubs: Most gut-wrenching losses of the Maddon era

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The past month has brought a number of heartbreaking losses for the Chicago Cubs. Where do they stack up when looking at the Joe Maddon era?

Watching the last-place Pittsburgh Pirates celebrate a walk-offwin in yet another blown game by the Chicago Cubs was almost a numb feeling to fans. This Cubs team has blown so many games late that it is basically expected of them at this point. A team that is trying to win a division sits with the most blown saves in the second half (10) and still cannot win on the road.

This last loss came after the debacle in Philadelphia when Bryce Harper hit a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth. So while it may not be fun to look back at some of these games, one may ask what were the worst regular season losses of the Joe Maddon era? While there have been plenty of great wins, there have been a handful of gut-wrenching losses. For this list, I will give a personal five worst.

The criteria for this list is pretty simple, games the Cubs had won but lost late. Not included will be blowout losses like the ones suffered on Wednesday, Saturday and last Tuesday. Since this list covers the Maddon era, we will go back to the 2015 season in terms of a range of years. Postseason games NOT included.