Chicago Cubs: Chase Strumpf is showcasing his talents for Eugene

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Chicago Cubs: Another call-up on the horizon?

Strumpf just saw his seven-game hit streak come to an end this past weekend. Impressively, he struck out only five total times which for a guy with a high strikeout rate is indeed pretty great. Overall though his 22 games thus far with the Emeralds, Strumpf has managed to produce a .299/.406/.468 line with a significantly improved .406 wOBA and 147 wRC+, respectively.

The strikeout rate is still high, sitting at 24 percent, yet Strumpf is still managing his at-bats well by working walks 12.5 percent of the time. He also has a couple of big flies along with 13 runs driven in, and while power has never been an issue for Strumpf, it is wonderful to see him driving the ball.

A whopping 27 percent of the balls traveling off his bat is classified as line drives, and his fly ball rate is a mighty 47.3%. While his natural ability is to pull the ball off the bat, Strumpf does possess the talent to drive the ball to the opposite field which will bode well for him as he continues on his professional journey.