Chicago Cubs: Whatever happened to these former Cubs?

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Did you ever wonder to yourself, ‘What happened to that guy?’  Let’s look back at some fairly possible former Chicago Cubs players and where they wound up.

Players on professional sports teams, including our Chicago Cubs, come and go. Sometimes they leave on good terms, sometimes on bad. Then there are guys who leave a team and just kind of disappear. No formal retirement announcement or try to find their way back to the majors by bouncing around between organizations. Often the question comes up, “Whatever happened to that guy?” in those scenarios.

So many players have played in the majors at some point and it is really hard to keep track of them all. Though it can be surprising when a notable All Star-caliber player just fades away without any trace of what happens to him. Some may want it that way and some are just so past their primes nobody really cares what happens to their careers.

There are certainly plenty of former Cubs players that fans sometimes wonder what happened to them. For this list, we will look at guys who fit this bill within the past decade or so. It will not include no-name guys necessarily, but players who had a positive impact on the team or was once a highly touted prospect. A number of them were on a postseason team or were thought to be of a bigger plan down the road.