Ranking the six best Chicago Cubs uniforms of all-time

Ernie Banks, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Ernie Banks, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs: Rizzo looks good in the ’16 digs

On July 6, 2016, the Cubs and Reds played a turn back the clock game and both rocked their 1916 uniforms. I’d be cool with this once a week, quite frankly. Both the uniforms looked sharp, the modern materials, cuts, and fits mean players can’t gripe, and it’s a completely distinct look for the Chicago Cubs.

Similar to the equally cool 1915 Chicago Whales jerseys that the Cubs sported in 2015, the ’16 Cubs jerseys featured the big red (outlined in blue) “C” surrounding an animal logo. In this case, it was the four-legged walking bear logo in blue (outlined with red). The juxtaposition of the logo and letter is compelling, and the color swap of the two is equally memorable.

While the Whales jerseys would be neat to show off as they were extremely popular, they’re not Cubs jerseys, so that would be a bit strange to say the least. However, this particular 1916 version could satisfy your cravings for a logo animal, navy trimmed collar and sleeves, as well as a stirrup look. They’re also a bit creamy rather than just the normal home white, much like the Phillies and Giants try to use for their modern alternate home jerseys.

Perhaps the best part of this uniform isn’t even the “uniform” at all- it’s the matte finished helmet with the same walking bear logo inside the big “C.” The Cubs don’t usually have the matte finish helmets and it was a glaring difference from what we’re used to seeing.

In addition, the color difference was noticeable, as the navy was clearly darker than the standard royal we generally see. Verdict on the 1916 jerseys: bring them back once a year.