Chicago Cubs: Four options to replace the injured Willson Contreras

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Could the Chicago Cubs have interest in Lucroy at this point?

Regardless of what you may think of Caratini or Davis, the injury to Contreras will no doubt make many fans feel a bit skittish about how precarious of a situation the Cubs would be in should they hypothetically lose Contreras and Caratini to injury.

While you never like to think such pessimistic thoughts, an injury to such a vital position could sink the Cubs ship before it gets to Playoffville. Also, let’s face it – both guys have already spent time on the IL this season and catching is an injury-riddled position.

In this vein, I’m sure the Cubs and their fans don’t want to see Davis as the starting catcher (or maybe not even as the back-up catcher) as the team navigates the homestretch of their season. One would assume that adding a proven and competent MLB catcher has to be a focus for the Cubs right now as you read this. Unfortunately, the trade deadline just passed and there are no other trades coming in August unless it’s for a minor leaguer.

Working under this idea, could it be possible the Cubs elect to go after veteran Jonathan Lucroy, who was recently designated for assignment by the Angels? They’d have to wait out the waiver line and pay him his prorated salary if so, or they could play the waiting game if he clears altogether. In that case, they’d be able to sign him for the prorated league minimum salary which would represent close to a million dollars in savings – a big deal for a team looking to pinch pennies after spending over $240 million for the year.

Lucroy does have seven home runs and 30 RBI this season in 74 games, but he’s a shell of the player he once was, and his framing and defensive metrics this year have really taken a nosedive. He also was out for 18 games with a concussion and broken nose after getting leveled by Jake Marisnick in a brutal collision at the plate.

If the Cubs don’t feel he’s worth a million dollars (or if they don’t have it left), they may wait out the waiver process and see if they can take a flyer on him by signing him as a free agent.