Chicago Cubs: 60 days and 55 games left until the postseason

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Chicago Cubs
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The season is going by faster than ever, especially with the tight race in the National League Central division. Can the Chicago Cubs escape their last 55 games with first place?

Can you believe there are only 60 days until the Postseason? The Chicago Cubs next 55 games will determine who is going to the postseason in the NL Central and it’s not going to be easy. Twenty-seven of the Cubs remaining games are at home. 75% of the Chicago Cubs remaining games are against divisional opponents, and the Cubs haven’t shown up all season for these division games.

The Chicago Cubs have played some good ball against non-divisional teams but have struggled against the usual suspects in the division. They will have to reach down deep and muster everything they can with 36 games left against Central division opponents.

The bulk of those games begin this weekend with the Milwaukee Brewers up first in the order. The Chicago Cubs have 10 games left against the Brew-Crew. Two three-game series and one four-game series. Their last meeting will take place on September 8th in Milwaukee. The Cubs have the advantage of being at home this weekend, but with only 10 games left against the Brewers until the postseason, they must win as many as possible in Wrigley.

The Cubs have two more series against the Cincinnati Reds or a total of seven games left; a four-game series in Skyline Chili town in August and a three-game series in Wrigley around mid-September.  The Reds have won seven of 12 games played thus far. The Cubs can win 12 games too but will have to pull off a miracle by winning all seven of the final matches between these two clubs.

History has shown that’s not going to be an easy task. The Reds have done some last-minute trading and got rid of second baseman and veteran, Scooter Gennett along with outfielder Yasiel Puig. Cleveland pitcher, Trevor Bauer will come over to help the Reds stable of pitchers and the Cubs are sure to see him in August and September. Expect the Reds to fight until the end.

Before postseason, the Cubs will meet the Pittsburgh Pirates for nine more games in a few 3-game series. Thus far, the two teams have played 11 games, and the Cubs have been victorious in six of those matches. With six of the next nine games being played at home for the Pirates, the Cubs will have to take full advantage of their three-game homestand. Anything the Cubs can win on the road will certainly help toward their October push. The Pirates go hot and cold all season, so let’s hope we catch them ice cold.

The Chicago Cubs will finish their season on the road, September 29th, against the St. Louis Cardinals. Currently, the Cubs have three more series to play against the Cardinals. Luckily the only four-game series left to play will take place in Wrigley Field and give the Cubs a bit of an advantage.

The St. Louis Cardinals came on strong after the All-Star break and hit their way into a tie for first place in July. This past week the Cardinals won the 3-game series at home and sole possession of first place. With two months left and 55 games on the calendar for the Cubs, it’s anyone’s race to first place. With just under half of the games at home, the Chicago Cubs could do very well if they could win most of their home games and just a few more on the road.