Chicago Cubs: The team is trying, regardless of what some fans think

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Chicago Cubs
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It’s been an up-and-down season for the Chicago Cubs. Heck, I’ve been on this journey with you. But the Cubs front office is trying their damndest, even if some don’t think so.

If you head on to Chicago Cubs social media, you’ll find many posts like these. ‘The Cubs didn’t do enough.’ Or what about ‘We traded Carl Edwards Jr. for a player with a higher ERA than him??’ Those are just a few I picked out randomly, and ones that were ‘PG’ rated. Believe me, Cubs’ fans can get pretty hot under the collar about their team, especially at the trade deadline. The ‘only’ deadline, this season.

And while I get the sense that many owners and general managers are unhappy with the single trade deadline (no more waiver deadline this year,) it turned out to be exciting for many fans. Well, depending on if you were a buyer or seller, of course.

The Cubs Theo Epstein threatened a ‘ton of change’ if the team didn’t improve their play. That was on July 3. Since then, the Cubs have gone 12-9. Not too bad. But when you factor in they have led every game after the All-Star break? That doesn’t necessarily speak ‘improvement.’ But the Cubs were still buyers at the deadline, and they made some excellent moves that helped fill holes.