Chicago Cubs: Are the Cardinals becoming the new Lovable Losers?

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: The new Lovable Losers of St. Louis

I have news for you, we don’t really consider St. Louis competition any longer. I mean, when we’re looking in our review or checking scores, we’re always checking the Milwaukee Brewers before your score. You have fallen off the wagon in a big way and are upset, we understand.

The Cardinals – and their fans – are in a place to which they are not accustomed. Chicago fans, on the other hand, understand losing and the pain. You guys are just beginning to understand it. You have many good players on your current team. They are loved by your fans but are not performing. Let’s face it, the St. Louis Cardinals have become the ‘Lovable Losers’.

Even I feel sorry for how far you guys have fallen.

Yes, it’s been three years since we won the championship but what’s the time limit on celebrating when you’ve been waiting 108 years? Yes, we are still celebrating that victory because we earned it. We won it. You can never take that away from us, no matter how many championships you win in the future.

We bit our tongues for many years, Cardinals fans. Now we are champions again too. Among the teams in the NL Central Division, we want it again and all signs are pointing to us taking it. So we’re going to get LOUD and cheer our team to another division title and maybe more. Everybody in!

Now it’s your turn to bite your tongue, St. Louis. It’s only been a few years you’ve missed the postseason; most might say you are spoiled. You don’t even know half of what Chicago has gone through, waiting to win. My advice to Cardinals fans is to be strong while you get your house in order. Your team will be great again, as history always repeats itself. We look forward to the competition.

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But folks, it’s not our fault your team has recently become the “Lovable Losers” of baseball. If it makes you feel any better; all this excitement has made your city less ‘boring’.