Chicago Cubs: Are the Cardinals becoming the new Lovable Losers?

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Chicago Cubs
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A recent rant from a St. Louis sportswriter points the finger at Chicago Cubs fans, saying they’re obnoxious and unruly in wake of the team’s 2016 championship.

Here we go again. Why is it when the St. Louis Cardinals start under-performing; the fans, writers and the team all attack the Chicago Cubs? Okay, we understand your St. Louis Cardinals’ place in history and that by attendance, you claim to have the ‘most fans’ in baseball but that was maybe five years ago – things have changed.

Seems there is a lot of whining coming from the working-class city of St. Louis these days. The land of the second-most World Championships in Major League Baseball and more than any other team in the National League. The Cardinals have always been kings and Cubs fans know it.

Cubs fans watched the Cardinals because they always had amazing players like Rogers Hornsby, Stan Musial, Dizzy Dean, Bruce Sutter (a Chicago Cub first) and the list goes on and on. When you win 11 World Series championships, you tend to have a solid group of guys over the years.

Since the Cubs weren’t bringing home any World Championships in the 80s, 90s and the first fifteen years of this century, we stood by and watched begrudgingly all the St. Louis fanfare as they won National League pennants and titles. We didn’t whine when the headlines were down on us like they are for you now:

See we’ve been there for a long, long, long time sonny – not like your fans and team. So when we speak about our win in 2016, yes our one precious recent win, that light in the dark that Cubs fans were waiting years to achieve, we’re speaking from a place of character due to those many years of endless hope.

You can never imagine or understand what that felt like Mr. Wuerz, unless you were a Cubs fan. We apologize for nothing and would rather leave it on the field, just like all those balls you guys complained about.

But there are more reasons we don’t like the Cardinals and maybe the biggest is because they divided our city.