Chicago Cubs are fortunate to find themselves in the hunt for October

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Luck has kept this team in the hunt thus far

The Cubs are incredibly lucky because even though they did not have a good month of June, pretty much the rest of the division followed suit. The Milwaukee Brewers went 14-14 in June, doing nothing to separate themselves from the pack.

Chicago should be extremely grateful for that because if Milwaukee was hot during this month the Cubs could have been five or more games out of the division lead before the All-Star Break. But as we stand heading into Saturday, two games before the Midsummer Classic, the Cubs and Brewers are separated by a mere half-game.

Now I know back at the end of March when the Cubs were 2-7 if you would have told me that the Cubs would be virtually tied for the division lead right before the break any fan would have taken that. But the recent sloppy play and questionable decision-making by certain players leaves us all feeling more lucky than good.

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If the Cubs go on to lose the division by only a couple of games, we will all look back on the month of June and say that’s where it was lost. Because if the Cubs could have capitalized on the Brewers’ struggles in June they could be comfortably ahead in the race heading into the second half.