Only four Chicago Cubs players are worthy of an All-Star Game selection

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Seven Chicago Cubs players advanced to the All-Star Starters Election for this year’s Midsummer Classic. But only four truly deserve such an honor.

Love it or hate it, the new MLB All-Star Game voting is what we have to work with. Since we can’t change it or do anything about it, we may as well support the Chicago Cubs players who deserve to go and vote for other Major Leaguers worthy of heading to Cleveland along with our guys. Or, you can do what a lot of fans do and just vote for all Cubs to go to the All-Star Game, regardless of performance.

While it’s great to hype your own team and get lots of guys on an All-Star team, it feels cheap and artificial if it becomes a popularity contest. The game should be an example of what the best and brightest stars can do (hence, fan voting so they get who they want) along with the newbies who are having banner seasons. Letting fans vote is a great idea, but like anything else, it gets abused and a few ruin it for the many.

However, if we are talking about Cubs position players who deserve to go and those who don’t, we may as well break down who is actually having a season worthy of the big game, and also whose presence would serve to make this just another farce of voting and elections.

So, while it may sound harsh, let’s get the three guys who don’t belong in Cleveland out of the way. While they have all had their moments and have been productive players for the Cubs at times in 2019, their seasons have not been All-Star worthy as things currently stand.