Chicago Cubs: Team’s recent slide aided by struggling depth

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Has the experiment officially failed?

Theo Epstein took a flyer on the former Rockies All-Star which made sense. He is only 33 and has a very good resume to his name. However, so far, the results have not been desired. Despite some hits early on and some good at-bats, Carlos Gonzalez is hitting just .214/.324/.393 in 10 games as a Cub.

One of the biggest problems is that the bat looks slow. He is not catching up to pitches he once crushed and not coming up with timely hits. This was an issue earlier this year when he was with the Indians, who let him go after 30 games with them. It is hard to see the struggles from a very likable guy who seems to be a great clubhouse presence. But, the results with the stick have to come.

Yeah, 10 games is a pretty small sample size, so it is hard for me to call it a complete failure just yet. However, the trend is not looking all that promising, and if it continues, he may be DFA’d when other reinforcements arrive.