Chicago Cubs: Four in-house players that are critical for the second half

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The Chicago Cubs may add another piece before the deadline, but there are four players already here that will play a critical role for the Cubs in the second half.

As we start to enter the ‘summer,’ some Chicago Cubs‘ fans are already talking about the trade deadline and what the Cubs will add to make a run at the Central, and potentially a World Series. Some of that may have been brought on by the signing of Craig Kimbrel, who was unsigned from last year’s class. Once the draft took place and there was no pick attached to him, the Cubs set forth the offer and got a jump on the rest of the league.

The Cubs may still look to add another reliever, although it’s getting pretty packed out in the bullpen. Someone is going to be the odd-man out when Kimbrel is activated. And if Brandon Morrow returns? Someone else is out. This is likely to leave an experienced reliever without a spot in Chicago.

But with all of this talk, I see four players already in Chicago that will play a critical role this season, all for different reasons. Even if the Cubs add a player or two at the deadline, this group will be unaffected by them–well, maybe. Nothing is guaranteed, and it’s always possible that of these four, something could change.

But I’ll roll the dice with assuming they’ll be here down the stretch. And all of them will have an impact on the Cubs.