Chicago Cubs struggling last few times through rotation

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: ‘Something is off.’

The Cubs’ Jon Lester has been honest about his struggles the past few games. If you can expect anything from Lester, he’s honest. About the team and his own performance.

"“Something is off. Something does not feel right over the last two starts. The results kind of speak for themselves."

He spoke those words before last night’s outing after the previous start. Clearly, something is still off, and Lester needs to sort it out. But as I commented on yesterday, this isn’t anything new for him. It seems each season he goes through a stretch that something is off. And usually, he figures it out and finishes the season strong. Considering that most of the division is in a funk right now, this is the time for him to do this. I mean, I’d rather he didn’t have these issues. But if you’re going to have them, better when the other teams in the division are struggling, as well.

Lester, at the minimum, will grind out as many innings as he can to help Maddon preserve the bullpen. While his terrific pace to start the season was unsustainable, he should be able to level these numbers out–just hopefully sooner than later.