Chicago Cubs: Getting Pedro Strop back isn’t the answer in the bullpen

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Chicago Cubs: Any legitimate closer will do at this point

I’m not saying you have to go out and pick up Craig Kimbrel. (Although at this point, I’m certainly not opposed to the team doing so). But you can’t enter June in first place with a glaring need in the ninth inning and do nothing. That’s not even remotely acceptable by any stretch if for no other reason than championship windows don’t slowly close – they slam shut on your fingers, crushing your very bones in the process.

You can no longer point to Brandon Morrow and wishfully hope for him to return, stay healthy and fix the problem for you. That’s a far-fetched pipe dream at this point. So cross it off and move on.

The Cubs have the depth to make the move. You’re just sitting on Ian Happ at Triple-A Iowa. Guys like Mark Zagunis or Addison Russell surely have value to other organizations, as well. I’m not saying it’ll feel good to lose a key position player or prospect, but the positives of not worrying about the late innings the next four months far outweigh the negatives.

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We’ve touched on some potential targets in recent weeks – and frankly, any of them would be better than our current situation. Pedro Strop’s seemingly imminent return helps – but it’s not the end-all some fans believe it to be. Paired with a legitimate closer, though, he could once again help form a one-two duo that, when combined with the team’s loaded position player core, the Cubs could ride deep into October.