Chicago Cubs: A number of players looking to get out of slumps

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The recent stretch of up-and-down play by the Chicago Cubs have seen several key players hit slumps after good starts.

It has been a frustrating week for the Chicago Cubs and their fans, seeing a couple of losses that could have easily been wins against the Phillies and Reds. Obviously, the biggest topic of conversation has been the continued bullpen struggles, but on top of that, some key players who got off to excellent starts this have gone in funks lately.

Now slumps happen to everyone; it is part of a 162-game regular season. The best of the best will have a week or two (or more) which they cannot seem to hit anything or pitch without getting shelled. When the Cubs were riding high in mid-April through mid-May, the entire team was clicking, and there was going to be a time when some players would regress for a period time. Now we are seeing it.

The good news is that the team has still been playing roughly .500 baseball mainly because of how good Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant have been since starting the season slowly. It is going to be a very tough schedule ahead, and the following guys will want to work out of their funks soon.