Chicago Cubs: It’s time to activate the Electronic Strike Zone

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Activate the ESZ

In the Chicago Cubs most recent series against the Los Angeles Angels, Chicago Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber thought he was the recipient of a game-ending, critical check-swing call by the 3rd Base umpire. The check swing stranded two Cubs players on base and was the final nail in the Cubs coffin producing a game-ending strikeout for Schwarber. Robert Kuenster of SportsMoney reported:

"Schwarber charged down the third base line to argue the call with Morales and had to be restrained by teammates. “If you’re not 100% sure, you can’t call it,” he said after the game on the controversial call made by Morales. “Obviously I was frustrated, but he’s not going to be frustrated that they end the game on a call like that and you’re that close to sniffing out a run. It’s frustrating. I just don’t think it was a good call.” More from Chicago Cubs News Cubs: Adrian Sampson is forcing his way into the conversation Projecting the Chicago Cubs bullpen to open the 2023 season Cubs fans are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel Justin Steele has evolved into a frontline starter for the Cubs The future of first base is murky right now for the Cubs"

Philadelphia Phillies outfielder, Bryce Harper, was also the recent victim of an umpire’s bad calls. Harper voiced his frustration at several high balls called strike against him. Then he was called out on strikes looking. Not only did Harper suffer the bad calls, he got ejected four batters after he left the field of play in part due to the bad calls. Corey Seidman of WCAU NBC 10 Philadelphia reported:

"Harper was upset during his own fourth-inning at-bat, which ended in a called strike three. One of the pitches to Harper was slightly out of the strike zone, up and away. Four batters later, Hernandez took a pitch high and out of the zone, even more so than the one to Harper. It was called a strike and Harper said something that was deemed by Carlson to be over the line. In a blink, and before any warning was issued, Harper was sent to the showers. “He made a comment when he was in the batter’s box and then he made a comment as he left the batter’s box after he struck out,” Carlson said after the game. “What he said warranted an automatic ejection.”"

Harper was ejected due to his comments which stemmed from the umpire’s bad calls. In Schwarber’s case, a bad call ended the game with the Angels and handed the Northsiders a loss at home. Losses at home are not part of the Chicago Cubs 2019, “Every Game Matters,” Tour.  Even Joe Maddon was ejected from a Chicago Cubs – Pittsburgh Pirates game earlier in April for arguing, you guessed it folks, balls and strikes.

Now is the time to activate the ESZ.