Chicago Cubs: Delvin Zinn is progressing nicely in South Bend

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Striving to be the best

There have been many positive improvements in Zinn’s game, and he will hopefully continue to grow in his role and with the game overall. That being said, there are critical areas where improvement is a must for success at the big league level.

Most importantly, strikeouts need to decrease once again. Zinn has done such a fantastic job in improving tenfold in this category over the past few years. However, his K-rate is once again at a whopping 32.7% which is over double to how he finished last year. Zinn has been able to figure it out before, and there is no doubt he can once again return his strikeout rate to under twenty percent as the season continues.

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Secondly, while Zinn has done a fantastic job in improving his ISO from his first year until now, it still sits slightly below-average. As someone who does not hit for power, Zinn can rely on his speed to find gaps for extra-base hits. The ISO will have to keep moving in a positive direction, however. Based on how this year has gone, Zinn should have no problem.

Zinn is a second baseman which is an attractive proposition for the future in Chicago. Currently, Javier Baez is outstanding at shortstop and will hopefully stay there for the long haul. Daniel Descalso is a proven veteran leader; however, he probably does not have much more time in the big leagues. That leaves Zinn, who could slot into a packed All-Star infield in the coming seasons. Wouldn’t that be fun?