Chicago Cubs: Is Joe Maddon’s lineup Jenga a good thing?

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Chicago Cubs: Is Descalso going to tell Maddon he’s hurt if it’s his turn to start?

Another issue with pre-ordained lineup construction is that it limits what Maddon may want to do or has a hunch about in the middle of a series. If he sees something or feels something, set lineups hinder his ability to effectively manage, and ultimately- win games.

Lastly, this particular philosophy doesn’t always work well for guys who may be dealing with minor injuries who could need a day off after tweaking something, being hit, or just sleeping awkwardly the night before.

Is David Descalso, or any other non-starter going to go to his manager and tell him that he needs a day off for a minor injury when he knows it’s his one day to start in a series? Probably not. Does that give the team the best chance to win? Is that selfish or just self-preserving given the constructs of the pre-set lineups? Then again, maybe that player wouldn’t have done it on a team with a more traditional lineup construction anyway and this is a moot point.

There are positives and negatives on both sides that might not mesh with the thinking of certain fans, players, or even members of the organization, but the philosophy is at least one that has been communicated amongst all stake-holders, including the players. If they wanted better communication and a pre-determined lineup, they have it. But, as with anything, there are positive and negatives to acknowledge on both sides.

Just try and remember that when you’re feeling especially ornery or ecstatic on a given day; because, as we all know with Joe, the next day could provide the exact opposite emotional reaction!

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Oh, and by the way, David Bote is starting today. The joke, it would seem, was a bit played out last night. We’ll see how it works out tomorrow, though…