Chicago Cubs: Is Joe Maddon’s lineup Jenga a good thing?

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Chicago Cubs: Whether or not Kyle Schwarber is in the lineup is contentious

Just as in every argument in society nowadays, it seems hard for one side or the other to acknowledge the veracity or merits of the other. While I am fully aware of the Cubs’ plan this year to pre-set lineups before every series, it doesn’t mean that I will always agree with them.

There’s the rub.

I can disagree with the premise or philosophy at times, but still acknowledge that it makes sense and has advantages. I can also understand the rationale behind such a move, especially given the fact that players supposedly did not like mystery and suspense behind daily lineup changes last year. Imagine if everyone on Twitter could acknowledge both sides of every coin- what a world that would be.

Maddon has long been known as a tinkerer and a man who will think outside the box. With his successes, both in Tampa and Chicago, most realistic fans acknowledge that he must be doing some things right. The problem is, there is no way to quantify exactly which things are creating positives and which might be detracting from the success, even if it’s minor.