Chicago Cubs: Joe Maddon unofficially confirms he’s staying in Chicago

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Maddon tips his hand

The media has been all over Maddon and the Chicago Cubs with articles about the manager under siege being in the hottest of seats right now or that the Cubs are actually playing for Maddon’s future. Perhaps Maddon tipped his hand when talking about the new pressure to the Laurence Holmes show as reported by 670 the Score:

"“Fun,” Maddon said. “Absolute fun. I cannot have more fun on a daily basis. I’ve talked about this before and I mean this sincerely, people are throwing that word around ‘pressure.’ Expectations — that’s where you want to be. I don’t want to be somewhere where that’s not part of the culture.”"

Could that ‘fun’ be what Maddon is having with the media about his future as the Cubs manager? The veteran skipper has certainly made his mark with the Cubs and in Chicago by bringing home a championship after such a long hiatus. I wouldn’t put it past him to have already had his “talks” with Epstein and solidified his position at the helm of the team.

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I never thought I’d enjoy the Angels Pregame Live show but the Angels Spanish broadcast expert Jose Mota might have just gotten the biggest Cubs scoop of the season.

As Maddon would say it, Mr. Mota – muchas gracias!