Chicago Cubs: Joe Maddon unofficially confirms he’s staying in Chicago

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Chicago Cubs
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Less than a month ago, most Chicago newspapers reported Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon’s future looked murky. Maddon thinks otherwise.

Last week, I turned on the Chicago Cubs‘ second game against the Los Angeles Angels and found that blackout restrictions wouldn’t let me watch the WGN broadcast. I really hate when that happens because that means I have to sit through the opposing team’s broadcast which is basically pro-their team and anti-Cubs.  After a shaky week of Cubs games, I was eager to get my dose of any Cubs baseball, even if I had to watch it from the other dugout, so-to-speak.

Interestingly enough, the Angels had a great pregame show that focused on the uniqueness of Wrigley Field and the rich history of the Cubs. “Alright,” I thought to myself. “This is pretty good!”

The Angels broadcast team filmed from the seats on top the buildings across the street from the field often seen in broadcasts. They showed glimpses of franchise  history and really paid their respects to the Cubs and their history.

After a couple segments, they threw out their teaser for the next segment: Angels Spanish broadcaster and former second baseman for the San Diego Padres, Jose Mota was going to interview Joe Maddon after the break. My interest peaked even more.