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Chicago Cubs: A tragic even potentially ends Messmer’s career

On April 8, 1994, a near catastrophic event left the singer’s voice imperiled.  Shortly after leaving Hawkeye’s Bar and Grille, a well-known hangout for Blackhawks players located on the West Side of Chicago, a group of teenagers, stalking potential robbery victims, approached Messmer’s car and shot through his window, striking Messmer in the left side of his neck.

Messmer was able to drive back to Hawkeye’s for help where an ambulance was called.

Former Blackhawks left-winger Randy Cunneyworth, who was still at the bar when Messmer came back for help, spoke of the incident back in ’94.

"“We were sitting down there when he eventually made it back to the restaurant.  He was just sitting, not panicking or anything.  They were speculating that he caught someone trying to break into his car, but it was unclear what happened.  He seemed to be pretty much in shock.”"

Due to the gunshot wound, Messmer was unable to speak thus, initially, unable to tell the Chicago police exactly what had happened.  Doctors feared that he would never regain his voice at all as his vocal cords were paralyzed as a result of the shooting.

Messmer laid in a coma for nearly three days following the incident.