Chicago Cubs: Five ways that things could be worse

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Chicago Cubs: Remember this guy? Of course, you do. He’s a Marlin. Sorry, Star.

We could be the Miami Marlins. We could have gutted our entire team. We could have practically given away all of our terrific MLB players.

Fortunately for us, as Cubs’ fans, we’re not.

The Chicago Cubs still have an intact young core- that same young core that won us a World Series less than three years ago. We have not gutted our team. We may not have added to it a whole lot, but we haven’t had a fire sale. We certainly haven’t given away any of our Major League talent, even if we have been forced to part with the likes of Gleyber Torres, Eloy Jimenez, Dylan Cease, and Jorge Soler to win and continue winning.

Poor Marlins’ fans don’t have a lot to look forward to- they’re the laughingstock of baseball, they’ve been plundered and pillaged by the upper echelon of MLB teams, and they seem unwilling to spend money (but they did get rid of that huge outfield sculpture at Marlins’ Park).

Oh wait, there aren’t any Marlins’ fans. At least not a ton who actually go to games. 

The bottom line is that the Cubs are not the Marlins. While the Marlins may hold a superior 3-6 record so far this season, there’s no chance that the Cubs will continue to play this poorly and end up like the Marlins. In fact, maybe the Marlins will even do the Cubs a solid and send back Starlin Castro at some point (preferably, for a bag of balls).