Chicago Cubs: The unusual suspects leading the way

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs have started the year 2-6, but the offense is no longer broken. The pitching staff has taken that moniker from them. But this is about the offense and the ones who are making it go.

The Chicago Cubs have come out of the gates with the bats blazing. Sadly, a 2-6 record is all they have to show for it. But this team could easily have four or five wins. Pitching has been dreadful, and the front office has already started addressing that issue with a few internal changes. But the offense is clicking and will need to continue to while the pitching sorts itself out.

The Cubs are scoring an insane 7.5 runs per game. The only team better is the Los Angeles Dodgers at 8.0 runs per game. And keep in mind, they’re 7-2. The Cubs? Not so much. But our biggest concern at the end of last season has worked itself out. And all the big names are the ones helping lead this charge…wait, no? Not exactly.

Outside of Kris Bryant, who currently seems to be a bit lost at the plate, the rest of the team is hitting the ball well. But Anthony Rizzo and Javier Baez aren’t the ones out leading this offense. They’re doing their part, without a doubt. So are the rest of the usual suspects, such as Kyle Schwarber (.911 OPS), Willson Contreras (1.393 OPS) and Ben Zobrist (.400 OBP). But there’s a few that you wouldn’t have put at the top of your list as helping ‘fix’ the offense.