Chicago Cubs: Let’s stand behind the boys

CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 10: Anthony Rizzo
CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 10: Anthony Rizzo /
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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs have fallen flat to start the season but this is the time to get behind the team so we can get out of this slump that’s just a bump in the road.

So you wanted to be a Chicago Cubs fan? Well, welcome to what it feels like and felt like for many years watching good Cubs teams go bad and bad Cubs teams get worse. This was not just one season, but years or even decades at a time. We lost a lot of games along the way to winning that long-awaited championship in 2016.

Fans are rightly justified in feeling upset at this slow start from the Cubs. After all, this team is just a few players different than that 2016 team.  That was three years ago, not 10 years ago or longer.  That’s the reason most fans think Chicago should be doing much better.  While everyone in baseball is trying to figure out why the best teams can’t win, I have a theory as to why the best are experiencing this sudden downturn.

As we dive in, let’s say I developed my own scorecard based on the performance of the team.  Last season, I scored the Cubs eight out of 10. They did really well and almost made the postseason, so an eight seems like a fair number for their 2018 performance.  The team that beat the Cubs like the Milwaukee Morons would have a better score like a nine or maybe even a 10.

Stay with me, this is good.