Chicago Cubs: Everything going wrong; Does every game matter?

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The Chicago Cubs have come out of the gate slowly this year. Heck, I’m not quite sure they’re even out of it, yet. But there are too many little things going wrong, making it a big problem.

The good news from the Chicago Cubs loss in the opening game with Atlanta? The bullpen didn’t allow a run. But everything else seemed to go wrong. A team that’s in most cases known as solid on defense had the worst day possible. Six errors. Javier Baez and Anthony Rizzo made uncharacteristically bad plays. And after a strong start for the offense, the Braves pitching staff held the Cubs scoreless. If it could go wrong, it did.

During the offseason, there was plenty of talk that the Cubs failed to add a formidable bullpen piece. Now, I wasn’t one of them over the winter. But that Craig Kimbrel train? I’m running to catch up with it. The Cubs may have put too much faith in what they have, while not signing enough help in case they failed–which they have in the first few games. It’s not the time to panic. But there is a reason for concern.

Whatever happened to every game matters? The Cubs lost the division last year in a one-game playoff with the Brewers. Games like these first few could be the reason again they are left to a Wild Card–or worse–out of the playoffs. The season is still early, but the players need to come out of that Spring Training mentality a get serious. These games really do matter, even in March and April.

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