Chicago Cubs: What happened to every game matters?

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Chicago Cubs: There have been positives – don’t get me wrong

To make sure no one says I am being totally negative here, there have been some new, exciting, positive things happening with the Cubs.

For the most part, the offensive has taken a complete turn and the Cubs are hitting the ball better than they have before. They don’t seem to be intent on making every appearance a home run. Instead, they seem to be mostly trying to get the ball in play or draw a walk. This has made some of the wild swingers like second baseman Javier Baez calm down a bit and not look to take it out of the park every time he’s up to bat. In turn, it’s actually netted him some nice base hits.

Another positive is that the games have been relatively close and have only gotten away due to pitching (until Monday, that is).  Some of the starting pitching looks like it just needs a little tweaking to get it right. Even though they struggled a bit, there were some great stretches from Cole Hamels, Jose Quintana and Kyle Hendricks.

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I’m sure Joe Maddon will say no one is beating up the Cubs more than they are themselves for how the season has started.

Let’s just hope that turns into something substantive on the field.