Chicago Cubs: Why fans wanted Kyle Schwarber to play on Opening Day

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Chicago Cubs: You can’t make adjustments if you don’t get chances to do so

If this team is going to win a World Series this year, Schwarber needs to figure it out against left-handed pitchers. For that reason alone, he cannot be platooned.  Sure, he’s struggled against southpaws in his brief Major League career. However, that’s not strange as a left-handed hitter.

In his career to date, the former first-rounder carries a pretty notable split based on what type of pitcher he’s squared off against, as you can see below:

  • v. RHP: .241/.350/.513
  • v. LHP: .185/.302/.315

All but six of his 73 career home runs have come against right-handed pitchers.

How can you expect Schwarber to become an everyday player unless you let him work through it? The only way that happens is getting him in the lineup on a regular basis, regardless of what type of hurler is on the mound. In fact, he will continue to do exactly what he has done if nothing changes. Self-fulfilling prophecy, much?

If Maddon or Epstein need a reminder of this one – they don’t have to look very far. There’s a guy in the very same dugout who struggled with lefties his first few years in the same way as Schwarber.

Want to know the kicker? Former Cub Manager Rick Renteria is on record saying, about Rizzo adjusting to left-handed pitchers, “but you can’t do it unless you’re out there.”