Chicago Cubs: Opening Day, Just like 1969 and more

Today is Opening Day for the Chicago Cubs and most other teams. The Cubs have set their rotation for Texas, and some fans feel the anticipation that they felt in 1969.

Welcome to Opening Day! (Sorry Oakland and Seattle) But when the Cubs play their first game of the season, that’s Opening Day. For the fans that are old enough to remember, this year feels like 1969. While certain projections don’t think much of the Cubs, some fans have the same feeling of anticipation as they did in 1969. Back then, it was back-to-back winning seasons. Now, it’s four straight years in the playoffs. So what will this year bring?

The Cubs set their rotation for the Texas Rangers series, and several former Rangers will face their old team. Jon Lester once again gets the Opening Day start. But he’ll be followed by Yu Darvish and Cole Hamels, who both have spent some time in Texas. The Cubs rotation, while old in age, is still a very talented group. After these three, you still have Kyle Hendricks and Jose Quintana to follow. When they’re your No. 4 and No. 5? You’re in pretty good shape.

It was a concern for a bit before the season, but it looks like Pedro Strop is ready to anchor the Chicago Cubs bullpen to open the year. The hamstring seems good as he had a solid final tune-up and will close out games to start the year. Even when Brandon Morrow returns, it would be in Joe Maddon‘s best interest to keep Strop in the closer’s role.

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