Chicago Cubs: Rule changes make Home Run Derby more enticing

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Incentivizing entertainment

This past weekend, in a piece courtesy of The Athletic from Chicago Cubs beat writer Patrick Mooney, Bryant gave some comprehensive insight into the intricate workings surrounding the changes coming to the All-Star weekend event.

"“Oh my gosh. Man, that’s a lot of money. But I think it’s such a good idea. You’re going to get so much more action. You look at the rookie pay and (someone) like Aaron Judge. He’s worth way more than what he’s getting paid. He could double his salary just by winning the Home Run Derby. That’s going to be the attitude now with some of these guys. They’re going to get whoever they want to do it. And I think that will be good for the game.”"

Bryant is well-equipped with the knowledge to be speaking on this matter. He is actively part of the union and already is known as one of the best players across all of Major League Baseball. The ability to advocate in favor of a change which may be menial at best in the eyes of many is terrific for the game itself.

Last year there were four players, Jesus Aguilar, Alex Bregman, Max Muncy, and Rhys Hoskins, who participated in the Home Run Derby who was all also barely above the league minimum in salary. As Bryant spoke about Aaron Judge and his performance two years ago in route to winning the event, the bump in winnings would pay significant dividends to many young stars who participate, as well.