Chicago Cubs, Kris Bryant more impacted by Bryce Harper, not Mike Trout

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Any future contract talks between Kris Bryant and the Chicago Cubs will, at least at this point, be relatively unaffected by Mike Trout’s record contract extension.

Talk about coming out of the blue. Just last week, we were talking about Bryce Harper already planning to recruit Mike Trout to Philadelphia in two years. Now, the latter is reportedly on the brink of signing a record-breaking 12-year, $430 million contract extension with the Los Angeles Angels. But never mind Philadelphia – what does this mean for the Chicago Cubs?

Such a deal would likely run through the end of Trout’s already historic career. Given Harper’s deal with the Phillies, Nolan Arenado‘s extension with the Colorado Rockies and, now Trout’s extension with the Angels, could the Cubs be next to lock up a superstar (or two) of their own?

I personally think Chicago’s odds of locking up Anthony Rizzo far outpace getting a deal done with Kris Bryant, but let’s focus on the latter, who has clearly demonstrated he has the higher long-term ceiling given his capabilities at the plate and as a versatile defender.

You might think Trout’s agreement with the Angels only pushed the Cubs’ odds of locking up Bryant lower than before – but I don’t necessarily believe that to be the case. Sure, as an agent, you’re going to point to that contract – but is it a fair comparison? No. Unequivocally, undoubtedly, no.