Why the Chicago Cubs last two seasons make them dangerous

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Chicago Cubs: It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me

To learn how to pick ourselves back up, of course. Never miss a chance for a Michael Caine line when you get it. But these do indeed apply to these Cubs. I don’t think they ever ‘lost’ the fire. But the pilot light had never blown out. The Brewers and Rockies took care of that last year. Because of that, Maddon has needed to re-light it, and he’s not in a playful mood this year. Well, he is. But if you say he isn’t, he’ll let you know. When asked why Cubs camp seems ‘different?’

“That’s your perception,” then moments later ended the session and walked away.

Maddon isn’t one to shy away from the media. But this year, with no contract extension as of yet, he looks like this might be a ‘do or die’ season for him. With the success he’s had, I can’t see this being the case. Unless he’s ready to walk away–which I highly doubt–Maddon needs to be re-signed. We haven’t had a run like this in my lifetime. My father might recall one, but he’s 81 years old. More years to pull from.

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My guess? Maddon is lucky to have so many players ready to prove their critics wrong. And a manager that’s ready to lead them who feels the same way. It’s not the names on the jersey, this year, but what they do.