Why the Chicago Cubs last two seasons make them dangerous

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Chicago Cubs
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Some of us have been Chicago Cubs fans our entire lives. Some came along with the success of the mid-to-late 80’s teams. Others when Sammy Sosa was here. But never has this team been as dangerous as it is right now.

If you thought the bandwagon for the Chicago Cubs had emptied a bit, prepare for another boarding. Wait, how could that be? The Cubs are about to finish last in the division and under .500. Who’s going to jump on the bandwagon then? Nobody in their right mind. But that’s not what’s ahead this season.

The Cubs come off a season that they won 95 games. Yes, they blew a five-game lead late in the season and were ushered out of the playoffs in a hurry. So, of course, those PECOTA projections are likely right on point, right? Win 95 one year, 79 the next–but with a better team? “BUT HOW CAN THEY BE BETTER? THEY DIDN’T SIGN ANYONE?” That’s where you have to look at health and progression over addition.

The Cubs were missing critical pieces in production, overall health and injury at any given moment in 2018. Now, every team goes through these things. It’s baseball. But last season was especially tough on the Cubs for who they were missing. So let’s roll through why this team should be one to be worried about as opponents.