Chicago Cubs: Will Carl Edwards Jr. finally prove himself this season?

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Chicago Cubs: Edwards reinvents himself

Edwards recent spring training appearance against the Arizona Diamondbacks was exciting. Edwards did great work on the mound, retiring three batters in a row and one strikeout. What was noted about Edwards delivery was the little hitch he had added to his routine.

Just before delivery, Edwards puts his foot down and then quickly lifts it forward as he throws the ball. The hitch can be delayed or hurried and is supposed to confuse batters timing, ala Los Angeles Dodgers Kenley Jansen.

I can’t help asking if this another mind trick by the staff to get fans believing Edwards has changed? Let’s give the writers something to talk about so they won’t talk about how God awful he can be in crucial situations.  Are we just a hitch step away from his tears in the dugout or that pouty, ticked-off Edwards signature of throwing his glove against the ground in anger?