Chicago Cubs: Cubbies Crib staff talks 2019, makes their predictions

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Chicago Cubs: Final projections?

Bill R:

The Cubs win the most competitive division in baseball.

Kyle Schwarber takes a big developmental step forward, which quiets some of the angst over not signing Bryce Harper. At some point, there is an injury in the starting rotation and the Cubs actually consider having Tyler Chatwood start again.

And at the end of the season, we are once again trying to decide what the Cubs should do about Cole Hamels because he ends up being one of the aces of the staff.

Bill Q:

92-70, but that’s enough to win the Central with everyone beating up on everyone else in the division.

The Cubs beat the Nats in the Division Series and then beat the Dodgers in the NLCS.  Cubs lose to the Red Sox in six games in the showdown that baseball fans have wanted for a long time.

Despite the bittersweet ending to the season, Joe Maddon earns himself a three-year extension that’s announced at some point late in the season.


Cubs win 91 games and make it back to the postseason. It will be a tight battle and will meet either the Cardinals or Brewers in the postseason as the three teams duke it out the whole way. Kris Bryant will be in the MVP race and Kyle Hendricks will pitch to a sub-3.00 ERA for the second time since 2016.




The Cubs will be a playoff team, and I firmly believe they can win the division. Last year, the division came down to the final day and the Cubs were down Darvish and Bryant for most of the season. Brandon Morrow also missed the final three months.

Despite the success of the Brewers and the additions by the Cardinals, the Cubs still remain the team to beat. I am excited to see this team completely healthy and ready to compete. Kris Bryant will be an MVP contender and Willson Contreras will be a top five catcher in the National League. Bold, but that’s the only way to be.


We’ll go deep with this prediction. The Chicago Cubs win the division and are the top seed in the National League despite a hard push from the Cardinals, who secure a Wild Card berth.

Unfortunately, the Cardinals get their vengeance in the NLDS after winning the Wild Card game, proving to be a more balanced team. Paul Goldschmidt, in particular, destroys Cubs pitching, hitting over .400 in the series.


Yu Darvish earns an All-Star nod, Kris Bryant is an NL MVP finalist (maybe even the winner) but the Cubs suffer from a balanced division beating up on itself and have to earn their way into the postseason picture with a second-straight Wild Card appearance. But this time, they win.

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The Cubs will win the division, but it won’t be easy. I don’t think there will be more than six games between the three top teams.

If Rizzo avoids his slow start, he wins the NL MVP – and finally gets the recognition he’s earned. And the Cubs staff? I call that they have three in the top 10 of Cy Young votes when the season is done