Chicago Cubs: Bandwagon fans, Joe Maddon and more

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In a recent satire article by the Chicago Tribune, some Chicago Cubs fans were given a ‘way out’ if they were disillusioned with the team. Please, by all means, to the door you go.

You would think after the best four-year run for the Chicago Cubs, it would be hard to find disappointment as a fan. Oh, but how wrong you’d be. The Chicago Tribune gave the bandwagon fans a way out. Hey, there are two teams in Chicago. Just come on over to the other side. Yeah, I’d rather walk through baboon island at the zoo and get feces flung at me than do that. If that isn’t your answer, you weren’t really ever a Cubs fan.

The Cubs Joe Maddon is back to saying all the right things at camp this year, and it’s all thanks to one thing. Millennials for dummies. Really, it’s true. Maddon has been working on ways to better communicate with the younger players. And so far, the results seem promising. Kyle Hendricks is buying in, and he’s the professor. So, you pretty much have to believe that it’s working.

MLB Pipeline released its Top 30 Cubs, and it’s a young group of guys–but it’s not without promise. Miguel Amaya leads the way at No. 1,  this after not being in last years top 10. Nico Hoerner has impressed the Cubs in a big way and is expected to make his debut by 2020. This isn’t the Top 20 you’ve seen in past years, where you can expect to see the top three or four in the MLB soon. But after emptying the cupboard from promotions and trade, the Cubs system is building itself back up ever so slowly.

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