Chicago Cubs: Pitch clock, apologies and suspensions

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The Chicago Cubs offseason has been crazy enough on its own. Now Rob Manfred is talking about the pitch clock again. And will Oscar De La Cruz return from his suspension with success?

The Chicago Cubs crazy offseason aside, I’m not sure the MLBPA is excited to see the pitch clock making its way into Spring Training. There seems to be a lot of hostility between the league and the union. And while Manfred can institute it unilaterally, it might be a bad idea. It’s highly unlikely we see it make its way into the regular season. But when the CBA comes up again, it will be a hard push from the league to bring it to everyday play.

The Cubs’ farm system isn’t exactly loaded with pitching talent. Last season, Oscar De La Cruz was the Cubs No. 3 prospect in the MLB Pipeline. His fast start had been hampered by injuries, but there was still promise. An 80-game suspension changed that. De La Cruz will be eligible to return in April. Can he come back from the missed time and find the player he was before the suspension and injuries?

This offseason has been one full of apologies. From Addison Russell to Joe Ricketts, it’s all we’ve seen. And while the Cubs didn’t apologize for not spending big this offseason, many Cubs’ fans think they should have. It’s done — no more apologies. Players are on the field, so it’s time to turn our attention to baseball. No more ‘I’m sorry’ press conferences — time to make it happen on the field.

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