Chicago Cubs: Five guys to watch on the 40-man roster

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Chicago Cubs: The young star usually would not be in this position, but in 2019 he is.

Watching Kris Bryant in Arizona, it was nice to see the Cubs most talented player play again after a long winter. This year is a little different because of last year’s shoulder issues.

Long story short, we will watch him swing and see how the shoulder looks. Hopefully, it is back to normal so he can catch up to fastballs and drive the ball like he has when healthy. Last year he played in 102 games, missing a big chunk due to a shoulder injury that loomed the rest of the way. From June 1st to the end of the regular season he played in 58 games and missed most of July and all of August.

He still slashed .272/.374/.460 on the year, still very respectable, but not quite the Bryant we know and love. He slashed .259/.354/.412 in his return in September. If he is fully healthy, then be ready for another MVP-type season, because he was on his way to one before he got hurt.